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Commercial Property Solicitors Leicester and UK

Commercial Property Solicitors

Commercial Property Solicitors Nationwide

Commercial Property Services

TML Commercial Property Solicitors act for individuals and businesses in a variety of commercial property transactions including selling, purchasing, transferring, refinancing, and leasing commercial property or land. Click here for Residential Conveyancing options.

Property Sales & Purchases UK

Property Sales & Purchases

TML Solicitors act for individuals and partnerships who may be selling, purchasing or transferring a commercial property or land.

Sales & Purchases of a Business UK

Sales & Purchases of a Business

A sale or purchase of a business requires extensive knowledge of dealing with matters relating to existing leases or existing tenancies, fixtures, fittings and goodwill.

Sales & Purchases of Land UK

Sales & Purchases of Land

A Sale and Purchase of Land is a legally binding contract between the seller and purchaser. We will conduct searches on your behalf which gives us more insight into the land itself. We raise enquiries and investigate.

Independent Legal Advice UK

Independent Legal Advice

Independent Legal Advice is a signed document that confirms you have received legal advice in relation to a particular matter by a solicitor that isn’t involved with the original proceedings.

Planning & Development Advice UK

Planning & Development

Being a homeowner who is seeking to extend their property, or a developer invested in a large commercial project would equally require having the planning process be central to any plan to create a start and a successful end to any project.

Lease Solicitors UK


TML Solicitors have experienced lease solicitors who deal with all aspects of deeds and leases; including new leases, lease extensions, and those which are being surrendered, varied, assigned or renewed.

Refinancing Loan Advice UK


Refinancing is a term commonly used in commercial property matters. This is when you replace an existing loan with a new loan. Mortgage refinancing allows you to borrow funds at a better interest rate.

Auction Transactions UK

Auction Transactions

A Property Auction can be a cost-effective and efficient method of selling or purchasing a property. The contract is completed when the bidding ends and a deposit is paid on the day.

Pension Schemes UK

Pension Schemes

Self-invested personal pension (“SIPP”) allows individuals to make their own range of investment decisions approved by the HMRC. SIPPs give you the opportunity to take full responsibility for managing your own investment.

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