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Planning and Development Solicitors: Commercial and Residential.

Planning and Development

Planning & Development

Planning and development solicitors for both commercial and residential requirements. Being a homeowner who is seeking to extend their property, or a developer invested in a large commercial project would equally require having the planning process be central to any plan to create a start and a successful end to any project.

Understanding Planning Permission

The planning system over the years has become increasingly complex due to the ever-changing laws and regulations. There are planning obligations in place known as Section 106 Agreements that are created for both commercial and residential projects that could potentially impact local area. This is a demand by the local authority to show what it is that is being offered to the local community that will aid the area if the planning permission for development is granted.

Complying with the Local Authority

When purchasing or developing a commercial or residential property, you must ensure that you comply with all of the requirements of the Local authority. TML Solicitors can assist and advise you in respect of this.

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