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Unregistered Land

Unregistered Land

To sell Unregistered Land, you would need to produce physical deeds. These deeds will then be handed over to your solicitors who will look through the relevant transactions and submit an application for first registration at the Land Registry.

If the property is unregistered, a triggering event would need to take place to enable compulsory registration of the property. This triggering event can either be sale, purchase, transfer or remortgage.

Land Registry Fee

If you do wish to voluntarily register your land then this is also possible. A fee is payable to the Land Registry but a voluntary first registration fee is reduced compared to the fee payable on compulsory first registration.

Dealing with Registered land

There are a lot more advantages when dealing with registered land, all the relevant information and title documents are held at Land Registry. If a copy of the title register is misplaced, then a copy can be obtained through the Land Registry portal within minutes.

Even though this seems a lengthy process, our experienced team will ensure that everything is carried out in a timely manner. We will keep you updated throughout the process, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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