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How to Spread Positivity in a World of a Pandemic

How to Spread Positivity in a World of a Pandemic

The outbreak of the pandemic virus has led to a severe global socioeconomic disruption; closures of schools, cancellation of sporting events, suspension from jobs, isolation from family members and panic buying. That’s right people have bulk bought loo roll for a virus that doesn’t even cause you to have a runny nose!

With millions of people now entering into self-isolation to fight against the spread of COVID19, the need for positivity becomes even more momentous. Despite the current situation, positive stories have transpired out of the CoronaVirus situation. It turns out people are actually good at helping each other out!!

In an attempt to strip off the negativity there have been acts of heart-warming generosity from wonderful community-minded people all over the world, casting a glimmer of light amid the crisis.

I hope these stories put a smile on your face in these troubling times.


corona virus supermarkets


As I’m sure you’re all aware, the news of the virus has caused a mass number of people to panic buy, stripping stores of goods and necessities leaving our key workers, elderly and vulnerable people unable to purchase the items they desperately need.

SUPERmarkets have taken it upon themselves to help solve this problem. They are working late, opening early and introducing golden hours to help ensure the elderly and key workers are able to buy essential supplies during the outbreak.

The following supermarkets are providing for the elderly by introducing a preferential shopping hour in which only elderly and vulnerable people that are at a high risk of COVID19

Sainsburys: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8am and 9am.

M&S: Monday and Thursday for their first hour of opening times.

Waitrose: First hour of stores opening times.

Asda and Morrisons: Have mapped out their entire store to ensure people can keep their distance.

Aldi is even offering a discounted supermarket between 9.30am and 10am on Sundays solely for key workers in the NHS, police and fire service (it really is ‘like brands, only cheaper’). Lidl are offering free bags of fruit and vegetables for those working in the NHS.

Teddy Bears

isolation positivity

That’s correct it did say teddy bears!! In Canberra, Australia residents have been placing teddy bears in their windows and on balconies for local kids to spot. This heart-warming gesture inspired by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury’s book Going on A Bear Hunt has created a fun and competitive game keeping up the morale in these sad times.

This small act of kindness enables parents and kids enjoy their short walks through the neighbourhoods to keep active, spot as many bears as they can, while still keeping physical distance from others.

Free accommodation

Despite the crisis, many businesses and people have offered free accommodation to key workers that need to self-isolate or are unable to return home for risk of infecting their families.

The owners of the Stock Exchange Hotel in Manchester, UK is offering free accommodation to NHS workers. This hotel also confirmed that they will not be making any of their staff redundant during this time and will be granting them paid leave if they themselves need to self-isolate.

Chelsea Football Club and former Manchester United footballer, Gary Neville – have also opened up their hotels for NHS workers to use for free if and when they need them.

Homeless people in London have been given accommodation to limit their contact with others.

Light it up

mental health in isolation

All over the world, it has been reported that many residents have been putting up their Christmas lights and trees, in an attempt to lighten the mood to those self-isolating in their street. Some are determined to stay positive and occupied, homes and gardens have been decorated with twinkly lights and Christmas decorations in this time of anxiety and illness.

This small gesture in the current climate and low morale has bought a sense of community spirit and uplift. Such a lovely idea!


As many parts of the country have been forced into lock-down, it has meant people have had to stay in their homes and told not to socialise. With the fear of a rise in mental health issues coming from the isolation, many people have resulted to singing in an attempt to entertain themselves and others to avoid boredom and frustration.

The virus certainly hasn’t stopped the Italian spirit with lots of people deciding to have a singsong from their balconies. There have been various video clips that have gone viral showing people having concerts from their balconies, singing together- the exact community spirit we need in times like these!!

Celebrities have also got in on the act with stars such as John Legend and Chris Martin giving fans a virtual concert through social media.


On a positive note Scientists have confirmed that by people staying in their homes, the levels of air pollutants and warming gases have reduced drastically. In fact, it’s reduced by almost 50% by this point in time last year.

The lack of air activity and vehicles has even caused the Venice Canal to clear up and dolphins have now also been spotted!!

Despite the monstrosity of CoronaVirus, the nation is doing the best they can to make the best of the bad situation. People have adapted to the current surroundings and even arranged virtual Sunday dinners, pub quizzes and workouts, not to mention 5000 volunteers in just in the United Kingdom that have offered their services to those who need it.

Therefore, I challenge you all to look for something positive in each day of isolation, even if in some days you have to look a little harder.

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