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Fraud and Serious Crime Solicitors UK

Fraud and Serious Crime

Expert Solicitors in Fraud and Serious Crime

We appreciate that proceedings for fraud and serious crime can have a profound effect upon the liberty of the person facing the charge.

Our criminal defence team at TML Solicitors have vast experience with dealing with multi-handed fraud cases, murder, serious rapes, large scale public order offences and money laundering cases. We understand the importance of considering the evidence carefully. As often when dealing with a large amount of evidence, attention to detail is paramount.

A Service to Suit your Needs

Our solicitors scrutinise all documentation so that your legal position is always protected. We have strong links with barristers and Queens Counsel who are prepared to attend early conferences even if they must take place on weekends or late in the evening.

We will assign an experienced solicitor to your case as your point of contact throughout the proceedings. You will have representation at hearings and conferences with your barrister.

Honest, Reliable Advice

We are upfront with the advice that we offer. Doing what is best for you as opposed to what is easy or more convenient for us. We offer legal aid for those who are eligible.

If you find yourself facing fraud or a serious criminal offence, please contact our office on 0116 247 0022. Our Solicitors are available 24 hours a day. Or complete our enquiry form and we will call you back by the end of the next working day.

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