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Back to home schooling – what do children understand about COVID-19?

Around the UK, today (20th April 2020) would have marked the first day back at school following the Easter holidays. Like the majority of children, home schooling has begun again and whilst some children enjoy it, other’s still believe they are on holiday!

coronavirus homeschooling

Our Ria Carpenter spoke to one 7 year old about what their understanding is of the Government measures of social distancing and COVID-19. Below is a word for word transcript of a conversation and a child who seems to know a lot about the virus already and has a positive outlook on life despite what he is going through.

Have you heard grown-ups talking about a new sickness that’s going around?

Yes it’s CoronaVirus, didn’t you know?

Is that what it’s called silly me! Do you understand what coronavirus is?

It’s a flu that people are getting and you become very poorly.

Oh, I see! Can anybody catch it?

Yes, that’s why everybody has to stay inside so they don’t get it and be poorly.

What do you think started the CoronaVirus?

I think somebody had a cough and it turned nasty and people caught it.

I mean that makes total sense! Are you scared at all?

No, I’ve had coughs before but mummy said this one is really painful so I don’t want to get it.

I have heard it is painful too it sounds like you’re doing an amazing job at staying in. Are you enjoying your time off?

Yes, I like being in all day I get to do drawings and I don’t have to put my uniform on.

Are you missing your friends?

Yes, but mummy lets me Facetime sometimes and I get to see my friends.

 That sounds very good. So have you heard people saying the word lockdown?

Yes, I have it doesn’t mean you get locked down though.

Oh no? What does it mean?

That you have to stay in your house.

Oh okay, so does this mean that everybody has to stop working?


 Are there any people that have to keep working?

The nurses to look after sick people.

 Of course! How do you think they protect themselves?

Hmm, they wear masks so people can’t cough on them.

 How long do you think all the people being poorly will last?

Hopefully, until school ends so I can stay at home with everyone but I don’t want more people to get sick.

 Do you know how to stop it from spreading?

Mummy said to keep washing my hands and I won’t get it.

 Do you think you can help in any way?

I draw pictures for the bin men and people that deliver to make them happy.

covid-19 homeschooling

Most children will have already heard or seen something about the CoronaVirus. The media is everywhere, a lot of people are wearing masks and your child is unable to attend school. Not talking about something can actually make kids worry more!!

How have you managed telling your child about the current situation? We would love to hear how it went.

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